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Live the good life in a central location
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A sustainable neighbourhood of architect designed apartments and townhouses with community facilities and gardens that you co-own. It’s a Scandinavian way of combining private and shared space that’s designed to enrich everyone’s living experience 







          Live Sustainably without Stress 


Live in a home that does the sustainable work for you. NewCoh will encompass design principles and raw materials to produce buildings that are supremely energy and water efficient. You’ll live well and sleep better in comfortable indoor temperatures that are stable year-round. Loggias and terraces will be incorporated to provide beautiful views, facilitate natural ventilation and allow natural lighting to reach the furthest corners of internal rooms.  






 Live a Greener Dream


Live in a neighbourhood where the biological power of plants to enhance living spaces is recognised and integrated. NewCoh will bring nature into the city to complement and soften built structures. Shared outdoor spaces may also include community vegetable gardens, fruit trees and composts, helping to contribute to food security and further lighten our footprint on the planet. 





  Live Privately, Build Community 

Live in a home that you help design. NewCoh will include people from all ages and walks of life and landings, stairways and car free walkways will become places in which to linger, chat and get to know your neighbours. As well as your private dwelling and outdoor space, there’ll be plenty of shared space and facilities that are an extension of your home, without the sole burden of upkeep. It’s a way of living that offers you

privacy and actively

promotes neighbourliness.    







 Live the Good Life in a Central Location

Live the good life in a central city suburb. Your shared big backyard will come with extras that won’t take half a lifetime to accrue: gardens, a swing for the kids, a barbecue, shaded seating, a big shed-come-workshop. Your private home will be amplified by a Common House with a kitchen and dining area for neighbours to share meals and stories. What else? You’ll help decide - maybe a big movie screen, guest accommodation, a “loud room” for budding musos – a host of possibilities within reach. 














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