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What is Co-housing

A community where you matter

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Cohousing is really just a modern village deliberately created to bring people together, independent families and individuals choosing to share resources and support each others’ lives to create a more affordable, sustainable and satisfying way of living.

Cohousing creates intentional small sharing communities where each family has their own self-contained home and also shares common spaces. These might include a community kitchen and dining area, a laundry, workshops, vegie gardens and extend to car pooling, buying food etc. Cohousing is an international movement now growing in Australia - 32 countries have national cohousing associations including Australia.

Residents actively participate from the design and construction through to the day to day operation of their community. Think of it as managing your own development!

The degree of sharing of resources can vary for individuals but a commitment to sharing and helping each other is the essential glue of a cohousing community. Cohousing provides affordable, environmental and friendly solutions for 21st century living. It brings together the value of privately owned homes and affordable rentals with more affordable, sustainable living.

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